What's Everyone Watching?

We all enjoy curling up on the sofa and enjoying some great TV so I thought I’d start a thread so folks could chat about what they are watching right now and offer recommendations etc.

I downloaded a thing called Britbox to my tablet. There are some good programmes on there from classic BBC and ITV dramas to old sitcoms like Only Fools and Horses. The first 30 days are free but after that it’s about £5.99 per month. At this rate I’ll have watched everything on it in 30 days anyway. :grinning:

I’m a big fan of Scandinavian dramas on BBC4 like The Bridge. Just started watching a really good one on All4 (which is the Channel 4 app) called Stockholm Requiem. They are great if you don’t mind reading the subtitles.

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Salvage Hunters, love it.

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I love Salvage Hunters. Drew and Tee are great. I’d love to visit the shop in Wales.

Love Salvage Hunters.

Watching the A word. Great characters.


I loved The A Word! Despite the seriousness of the subject there were times I was just laughing out loud!

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I have just started watching Murder in the Outback on Channel 4 which is really interesting and just finished Cardinal on BBC I player which is a great crime drama set in Canada but definitely a shortage of good drama/thrillers at the moment. Heard good things about Little fires Everywhere which was recently released on Amazon prime so it might be worth a view

I have become hooked on a show called Wheeler Dealers. I don’t know anything about cars but I enjoy watching them fixing up old classics and selling them on. I have learned a bit but not enough to make me start messing around under the bonnet.

Following Bettany Hughes and Greek Adventure.
Also follow anything Alien or UFO related.
I like Dave Gorman and Life is Goodish, a light hearted topical programme.

I have started watching The Sinner on Netflix, this is the third series and the other two have been quite good so hopefully this one will be interesting also. I gave in and watched Tiger King on Netflix after hearing so much about it. The characters are so weird it is hard to believe the whole Joe Exotic, Carol Baskin scenario is a reality but when I started watching I became bizarrely addicted???:thinking: