Twitchers are Flocking to Chris Packham’s Online Bird Club

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Chris Packham, popular naturalist and host of TV programmes like Spring Watch, has created a new online birdwatching community called the Self Isolation Bird Club and nature lovers across the country can’t get enough. The aim of the initiative is to create a virtual space for birdwatchers and enthusiasts alike to share their pictures and videos of wildlife captured from their homes, gardens and local areas.

“Reconnecting with nature is important during this time and we encourage everyone to spend some time engaging with the natural world, whether it be from their window, or in their garden,” says Chris.


The Self Isolation Bird Club is active on Facebook, where it has more than 20,000 members already and on Twitter where members of the public can share their pictures and videos using the tag @SIBirdClub. From beautiful blue tits in the garden to the sound of robins singing, the videos and photos showcase the best of the great outdoors.

Welcome to The Self Isolating Bird Club 🐦

In these uncertain times, birdwatching & reconnecting with nature can be a real escape for those self-isolating. We want this channel to be a safe space to share sightings and engage with each other during #COVID19

Tweet us your 📷&📹

— The Self-Isolating Bird Club (@SIBirdClub) March 19, 2020

Although I’m not a twitcher, I have for many years been a member of Garden BirdWatch, operated by the respected scientific organisation British Trust for Ornithology. To join, you need just to able to recognise common British birds. But your contribution will add to BTO’s existing database. I recommend GBW. More information at At the date of this post, it’s free to join !

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I do the RSPB Bird Survey every year. I’ll have to check out that British Trust for Ornithology site. Thanks for the tip @AlexnGordy

Not all bird watchers are twitchers, though all twitchers are bird watchers. It is a bit like the difference between social drinkers and confirmed alcoholics.
Whatever birds are brilliant.