Read any good books lately?

Hi Everyone. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for good books. I’ve read everything on my “must get round to reading that” list by now and I’m in dire need of suggestions. I love murder mysteries - anything in the Agatha Christie mould is right up my street.


You should try the British Library Crime Classics, there are some good Christie-style murder mysteries among those. They are available on Amazon but you can usually pick them up a lot cheaper in charity shops!

If you want good value in books try World of Books
They deal in 2nd hand copies, I’ve bought quite a few from them and never disappointed. Some as new and price includes postage.
At the moment I’m working my way through all the Sherlock Holmes stories - it’s a long time since I read any of them. Got them all as a complete set on Kindle for 99p - can’t beat that for value!

I’m reading Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel is pretty gripping stuff. Definitely well worth a read. Its part of a triology so plenty to keep you going for a while.

I decided to try reading the Jack Reacher books by Lee Childs as I have completed Michael Connelly’s Harry Bosch detective/ cold case crime series. I love a good crime novel and have become hooked on the enigmatic loner Jack Reacher. There are over 20 of these books and they all take place in different states of America. So a good challenge in these challenging times.

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Sounds good @Zeggy. I’ll certainly give those a go. It looks like we’re all going to be stuck at home for a little bit longer.

Hi! If you are looking for crime novels, you need look no further than Ian Rankin, Scottish writer with his character of Rebus, an officer in Police Scotland, based in Edinburgh. Ian Rankin is excellent at setting the scene, drawing the characters, and taking a story often to quite an exciting conclusion. They are quite a therapeutic diversion in these troubled times.
His books are available on Kindle as well as in hard back and paper back.

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The Silent Patient is excellent


Thanks Bubs, I’ll definitely try that one.

I just got finished reading The Family Upstairs which was very good. The text was also nice and big which was easier on the eyes! :wink:

So the first book I read during lockdown or first book in my April Book Haul as the vloggers tend to refer to it as was Girl, Woman, Other by Bernadine Evaristo. Now I was really excited to read this as I had heard good things in the media and it was very highly recommended by you tube book reviewers and of course it had won the Booker Prize last year and is short listed for the Woman’s prize for fiction 2020. It is essentially a book about 12 mostly black women living in Britain at various stages in time. It is basically 12 short stories with the characters loosely connected in one form or another. The book touches on sexuality, domestic abuse, transgender struggles, racism, friendship and motherhood but in my opinion not in enough depth to give any subject true justice. The characters are compelling and each one unique but there is no real plot or intriguing storyline. It would be unfair to say it is not an enjoyable book and it is emotive in parts but I really don’t understand the hype around this book. I read another reviewer refer to it as a case of the Emperors new clothes and frankly I agree. 12 nice little stories sadly nothing more…

My favourite book of 2019 was The Woman in the Window by A J Finn. The main character Anna suffering from agoraphobia only past time is sitting at her window watching her neighbours go about their lives, she is instantly drawn to the new family recently moved into her neighbourhood but one evening she hears a scream and from her vantage point witnesses a murder. Sadly she cannot convince anyone to believe what she has seen. This is a book full of twists and turns but also gives the reader an insight into the fragility of the mind following devastating loss. I absolutely loved this book despite the bad reviews I had seen elsewhere and would highly recommend it as an excellent psychological thriller which has just been made into a Hollywood blockbuster.

I have just finished Becoming by Michelle Obama, I both read this and listened to some of it on Audible because it is quite a long book and as Michelle Obama herself narrates it, I found it quite easy to listen to. I am an Obama fan so it will be no surprise to hear that I really enjoyed this book and I don’t normally choose autobiographies but I found this intriguing and inspirational. There were parts where it was a tiny bit tedious but generally this is a very good book offering great insight and honesty from a lady who is endearing and has a brilliant story to tell

I have read most of Peter James books. His DCI Grace series are based on crimes in and around Brighton in Sussex.
Adam Kay’s book This is going to hurt, is a lighthearted look at the life of a junior doctor…well worth reading. At pre sent I am reading Paul Dodgson, the road not taken…a book about his musical path. Very interesting and amusing in places.

Hi everyone, I have just started A Respectable Trade by Philippa Gregory. At the beginning of the first lock down I read The Last Hours & The Turn of Midnight by Minette Walters set in 1348 as the Black Death engulfed the country which seemed an apt subject. I have save myself Of a fortune on books this year having
taken full advantage of discovering I could join my local library online and access all manner of e-books, audiobooks and magazines completely for free.