Lockdown and stay home

I am in a situaiton of lock down and stay home but not totally by choice for I have developed after a back injury a severe bout of sciatica and I would be interested to hear from others who have experienced this if they have any advice for me.
Thank you in advance

Hi Viv, I was suffering from Sciatica very badly a few years ago. I’m not sure how I got it, I think it may have been gardening. I was in a bad way and I went to see a specialist. He gave me a set of stretching exercises to do every morning and every night. I didn’t hold out much hope but I gave them a try and I have to say they really worked for me. Of course once the pain went away I stopped doing them and then sure enough it came back a few months later. I went back to the stretches and also started doing a bit of yoga and I haven’t had any bother since. The stretching exercises were on a page which I have since lost so I can’t share them here but they are mostly all on this website Basic Exercises. If you are feeling up to it you should also some of the exercises from this video Yoga for Sciatica Hope that helps!

Hi SuePer: sorry I have not replied sooner but I was a bit out of the loop with the sciatica.
I really appreciate you giving me such positive advice. I had been attending a yoga class but the problem goes way back almost 40 years ago and a twist and a bend with an air tank on my back did the initial damage. I shall keep on with the stretching exercises and hope I can build up enough flexibility not to relive that first horrible week with sciatica. Hope you are staying fit and well in these challenging times. Viv

I’ve tried everything for sciatica - osteopath, traction, yoga, acupuncture and strong pain killers - none of them worked. You just need to keep moving, difficult though that may be. The more you move the better it gradually gets. So get out of the house and walk. If you have a couple of walking poles so much the better, they’ll give you support if you get a bad twinge. Avoid soft chairs and especially car seats. It sorts itself out eventually.

Thank you for the advice which I have taken to heart now that I am recovering.
Still got a bit to go but yes walking does help - in moderation