Corona Diaries

Hi everyone. We thought that given the current circumstances we would start a thread to give you all the chance to talk about your experiences of the Coronavirus. From isolation to anxiety. We want you to share the good and the bad. It doesn’t have to be anything too detailed, you might just want to tell us you’re bored, or you’re lonely or you’re touched by the support you’ve recieved from others. Share your story with us. It’s good to know we’re all in this together!

I know it sounds terrible but I am actually enjoying getting a bit of time to myself. My wife and I are usually run off our feet picking up our grandchildren from school and looking after them. With so many of them it can be a lot of hard work! I know I shouldn’t complain and that we’re really lucky to have them but it’s nice just to have a bit of time to sit in the back garden and relax. Especially with the good weather. Stay safe everyone!

Ha! I know exactly what you mean @EdwardNoon I miss my grand children but it’s nice to get a little rest. :sweat_smile:

Due to underlying health issues I’ve been adhering to the lockdown conditions as much as possible although being on my own trips to get groceries and medications are necessary. So as this has been over 40days for me I have been writing at least one poem a day. It started when I was invited into a creative writing group with Decorum NI. I’ve never done poetry writing before but seem to have tapped into something new and enjoyable. Other than a walk a day with the dog I’ve also tried to learn several monologues for a LAMDA exam which will probably not happen this year which is good as I’m struggling with a Shakespeare monologue, Prospero… Ye Elves of hills, brooks standing lakes and groves. Any hints on learning The Bard greatly accepted.

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