28th april lock-down blog

Wake up at 8.15. Spend some time trying to work out what day it is. Finally get up. It’s either Wednesday or Thursday…will check calendar later.

Wash and make a mental note to wash hair…same mental note I made yesterday…and possibly the day before.

Put on dressing gown and go downstairs. Cat is sitting on the doorstep outside…odd since I’m certain that I let her in last night.

Put kettle on. Feed the cat. Make tea. Check phone…ten new emails…four of them are jokes. Check WhatsApp: lots of new humorous videos. Pass them on to friends.

Check family WhatsApp: several new photos and videos.

Breakfast…toast and Marmite…run out of. Marmite…toast and cheese.

Husband appears…find myself socially distancing as I place his tea on the table.

Sit down and send several emails and see it’s nearly ten o’clock: Time for the garden group Zoom meeting.

Log on. Nice to see familiar faces. Many people are in their garden and take us on a tour of their cascading wisteria and herbaceous borders. Wander outside in my dressing gown, but no one seems to notice, as I share my magnolia with them.

Finally log off an hour and a half later and get dressed…in almost the same clothes as yesterday.

Lunch…check the fridge for ideas: Three boxes of tomatoes, some left over rice and cheese. No eggs. Husband wants coleslaw…but failed to mention that we had run out. Find an ancient tin of sardines and settle for a sandwich.

Decide to search for all vegetables old and new and make some soup.

The Road WhatsApp group pings again. There is a joint Tesco order being organised. Do we want to join? Does anyone want some flour? Has anyone got spare pasta or eggs…does anyone have space in their green bins? Don’t forget to clap for the NHS at 8.0 pm…must be Thursday.

Husband is in the garden shortening the leg of our wobbly bird table…don’t ask…so decide to go for a long walk, inevitability ending up at the farm shop.

Don some gloves and venture in to buy some eggs…and come out with eggs, bread, a cake, milk, Indian ready meals and a large veggie lasagne. Arrive home to find husband is still trying to level the now considerable shorter, bird table.

Time for my Russian language Zoom meeting. Hilarious as one of the participants is muted but doesn’t realise it for some time and another is invisible. Eventually solve the problems and proceed with some learning and much chatting.

Stay on the PC to answer some emails and catch up with the online news. Quickly check for the umpteenth time, what the mild symptoms of Covid-19 are…so far so good.

Think about what to have for supper alongside the soup.